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Angry Nate's St Croix

Angry Nate's restaurant in St. Croix

Angry Nate’s doesn’t need a “foodie” name to promote it’s good food.  The food speaks for itself! 

Located on the boardwalk in Christiansted, St. Croix, Angry Nate’s has it all.  They specialize in seafood but their menu is not confined to the sea by any means.  Their dinner menu includes choices like Pad Thai, Mango-Chipotle BBQ ribs, and jerk roasted half chicken.  I wonder…does Angry Nate make the JERK chicken?  Get it?  I know…..

Even though the menu has variety, make no mistake about it, the seafood is their specialty for a reason.  Fresh caught mahi mahi and tuna is not a RARE occurrence (get it? Ok I’ll stop…) and when they’re serving fish, you had better grab a seat because people will be lining up. Try the lobster!
St Croix restaurant
And if you’re not hungry, perhaps you should drink your dinner!  Their bar is fully stocked and the ambiance is perfect.  Stop by on Thursdays for live music by Michael Justis.
Angry Nate's St Croix
Open 7 days a week from 7am-1am, Angry Nate’s also has breakfast and lunch menus every day.  They class it up on Sundays with a brunch menu which includes a glass of champagne with your entree. Maybe they’re less angry on Sundays….? 
Check out their website at: www.angrynates-stx.com/ 

Their FaceBook Page: www.facebook.com/AngryNates  

Or call with questions: 340-692-6283

Angry Nate's st croix


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Saint Croix Christmas Buffet

If you're coming to Saint Croix in the USVI for Christmas, you very well be trying to avoid the hassles of cooking your own feast.  If you're like me, you want good food and you want it easy.  Here are some of your options for great food!  

East End:
The Buccaneer has an amazing buffet available for Christmas dinner.  The buffet lasts from 6:00pm to 10:00pm….and some people will eat the whole time!  The cost is $65 for adults, $30 for children 12 and under.  Reservations are required.  Call 340-712-2100 and make your appointment for amazing!  Buffet Menu

Divi Carina Bay Casino has a breakfast buffet beginning at 4pm until 8pm. For, $24.95 for adults, $12 for children ages 6 to 12 (children under 6 eat for free).  For reservations  and more information please call (340) 773-9700.

At Rum Runners Steaks & Seafood, you can choose between Christmas brunch or dinner…or both!  Brunch is available from 8am-2pm.  Christmas dinner begins at 5:30pm and lasts till 9:30pm.  Call (340) 773-6585 for more information or to make reservation.  

North Shore:
Saman Restaurant located in the Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort and Spa.  Seatings are available at 12pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3pm and 4pm, and the cost is $39.95 per person, plus a 20% gratuity.  To make reservations or for more information, call (340) 778-3800.

West End:
Beach Side Cafe, in Frederiksted.  Has a specialty Christmas menu from 12pm until 9pm.  For reservations, please call (340) 772-1266.

Things to do in St Croix

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St. Croix Restaurants

Finding good places to eat is always a struggle on vacation.  You want to try local places, but often times the local spots are hard to find.  You want comfort food but you want to be adventurous too.  Eat@Cane Bay has it all.  Great food at a reasonable price with a local atmosphere!

Located on the tranquil north shore of St. Croix, Eat@Cane Bay has been a long time favorite for locals and visitors alike.  With a casual atmosphere and upscale dining options, Eat@Cane Bay is a bit of a hybrid but it works well. The sunset views are amazing, matched only by the homemade rum cake drizzled with a caramel rum sauce.  Known for the amazing food shots - just a sample of the amazing treats our kitchen can create - Eat has built a reputation for quality food, great service and a fun atmosphere.
Eat@Cane Bay is open 5 days a week (closed Tuesdays) from 11am - 9pm and offersSunday Brunch from 11am-4pm but the bar stays open to 6pm to accommodate those who've stayed on the beach to hear the live music scheduled 3ish-6ish most Sundays.  They offer live music every Wednesday and Friday as well.  Friday's make a great date night - they offer 2 for 1 wine specials and always offer the Lazy Lobster that night - fresh caught Caribbean lobster pre-prepared so you don't have to work to enjoy it!

Last July, new owners took over with a promise to maintain all the best of eat that its customers have grown to love: the food shots, the live music, the quality, homemade menu items, and the great vibes.  Give em a try!

Check out their website at: www.eatatcanebay.com

monday        11am - 9pm
tuesday         closed
wednesday   11am - 9pm
thursday       11am - 9pm
friday             11am - 9pm
saturday       11am - 9pm
11am - 4pm

Things to do in St Croix
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St. Croix Massage

Picture this…turquoise water, white sand, the light sound of waves lapping at the beach.  The sun is warm, the breeze is pleasant, you are lying in the shade getting a relaxing massage after a memorable day in paradise before you head out for dinner at a local restaurant known for Caribbean cuisine.  Are you ready to relax?

Beach Massage & Bodywork Delivered in Saint Croix in the USVI is the perfect way to enhance your vacation and pamper yourself with affordable luxury. Whether you’re a regular traveller or a “when time allows” explorer, getting a massage just makes the experience sweeter. 

Here is some of what people are saying:
Teresa B. 10/23/2014

So glad I finally took the time to get a massage from Michael. I have had massages all over the world, and I must say that his was one of the best I have ever had. The little indoor beach studio is adorable, and I love the historic hotel it's in!

Kris K. 11/11/2014

We were in St Croix on a cruise and booked Terry and Michael for a massage on the beach at Sandcastles beach resort. All 3 people in my group have nothing but great things to say about the massage and booking experience we had with Terry and Michael. Very easy and pleasant to interact with. Several people asked Terry and Michael for a massage after ours, but they had prior engagements, so book ahead!

We recommend a snorkeling trip in the morning, lying in the beach during the early afternoon, get a relaxing massage on the beach, enjoy an early dinner, and then check out the bio bay.  What a perfect day!

To get more information, check out:


Call or Text for appointments:

(340) 513-8440 or (340) 642-8440

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St. Croix Ironman

st croix activities
One thing that brings many visitors to St. Croix is the many athletic competitions it holds. St. Croix is host to numerous marathons, triathlons, and swimming marathons. The crystal clear water provides for a pleasant swim and the beautiful scenery provides an amazing attraction for runners as they try and stretch their bodies to the limits. Because of it’s tropical location St. Croix has amazing weather year-round so no matter what time of year you should be able to find an event to suit your interest. 

One event the Island host is the Captain Morgan Ironman and Triathlon. This Ironman is one of the top in the world because of the challenges is poses and the views it provides. You can qualify for the 28 Hawaii Ironman through this race. Competitors begin with a 1.24 mile swim through the world renowned Virgin Island waters. Then at Fort Christiansvearn competitors switch gears (literally and figuratively) and begin their 56 mile bike course. In this course is a hill known as “The Beast”. It is a 600 foot, 7/10 of a mile hill with grades from as steep as 14% all of the way up to 21%. After conquering that competitors then run the remaining 13.1 miles until crossing the finish line in downtown Christiansted. If that all seems a little too much for you; a simpler triathlons is ran at the same time. This includes a 450 meter swim, an 8 mile bike ride (“The Beast not included), and a 4 mile run to finish it off. 

If you consider yourself to be some sort of fish, the Coral Reef Swim might be something more your speed. The swim offers opportunities for swimmers of different capabilities with 1 mile, 3 mile, and 5 mile options. You’ll be swimming through crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches. This open water race is world renowned and has had multiple Olympic swimmers compete including 3 time Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Amanda Beard.  

Maybe you’re not much into biking or swimming. St. Croix still has something to offer to those competitors that simply enjoy a running high. St. Croix is host to the U.S. Virgin Islands marathon and half marathon. It’s a challenging run with beautiful ocean views throughout the entire race. Just in case you’re crazy enough to finish a marathon and want to keep on running, St. Croix has something in store for you. The St. Croix Scenic fifty is a race for those seeking to truly test the limits of the human body. The race is a 50 mile run throughout the island. The course may offer some pretty steep inclines but it also offers some amazing views. If 50 miles seems a little to daunting you can be part of a four person relay to conquer the 50 miles. If you’re someone who want something a little more challenging than a marathon but doesn’t want to quite run 50 miles, there is a 50km (around 31 miles).
Athletes from all around the world flock to St. Croix each year to compete because there is no better place to compete. While here you can take some times to engage in many of the other attractions the Island has to offer. Use this as a chance to take in the diverse culture that makes up the US Virgin Islands. The island is a place where your whole family can have fun the days leading up to them cheering you on. Most marathons and competitions like it offer urban landscapes to run through. So why not mix it up and enjoy a attractions of beaches and rainforest. Come experience competing in paradise. Be careful though, you may never want to leave. 

Things to do in St Croix

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St. Croix Snorkeling and Diving

As the sport of free diving and spearfishing become more and more popular on vacations and in every day life, the dangers of shallow water blackout should be discussed with even greater frequency.  Shallow-water drowning is caused by oxygen depletion due to hyperventilation while holding your breath under water. 

Shallow-water black out happens due to the fact that hyperventilation depletes the level ofCO2  in your body and gives you system a false sense of security even if the amount of oxygen levels in your body is getting dangerously low. These factors are made worse when a person is exercising and moving around in ways which increase the heart rate, thus using more oxygen.

Low O2 levels in the bloodstream will often lead to a loss of consciousness. Freediviers who are unconscious will often give the appearance of being ok because they don’t seem to be in danger and look as though their movements are coordinated, but unfortunately ,brain damage due to oxygen deficiency has often already set in.

Some tips to avoid shallow water blackout include:
  • Do not force yourself to hyperventilate while doing activities in the water.  It is much harder to recover from mistakes made in the water.   
  • Remember that when you are exercising and causing your heart rate to increase, your ability to hold your breath will be diminished because your body is using more oxygen. 
  • Prior to any free diving or other breath holding activities in the water, make sure to educate those around you about shallow water black out. 
  • Explain to young children that they should never practice breath hold diving without an adult present.  NEVER DIVE ALONE!!
  • Make sure signs are posted that warn of the dangers of shallow water black out in areas where water activities are engaged in.

For more information about shallow-water blackout safety, people
should contact: http://shallowwaterblackoutprevention.org/

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St. Croix Map

Want to get a basic idea of where some of these fun things to do are located?  Check out this map.  Hope it helps!
<![CDATA[Make   your   St.   Croix   Vacation     better...and safer!]]>Wed, 17 Sep 2014 14:57:07 GMThttp://www.thingstodoinstcroix.com/st-croix-blog/make-your-st-croix-vacation-betterand-safer Ok everyone, I know that we'd rather focus on rum punch and turquoise blue water, but I recently came across a project which could help all of us enjoy our vacations a little more safely and I think we should do as much as possible to support it!

Since 2008, Cher Will has been working to increase the availability of AED machines across St.Croix and other Virgin Islands.  If you are unfamiliar with AEDs and their function, check out more at stcroixaed.home.comcast.net . In short, they are life saving devices that can provide a crucial JUMP to a heart in trouble and will often mean the difference between life and death.  Cher has devoted much of her time and money to promoting this project for the safety of others and I think it'd be great if we help her spread the word in hopes of more funding assistance and attention.  If you can't contribute money.....share a link!

Also, to when planning your vacation, you may want to down load an app to help you keep in mind where these devices should you or your family find yourself in need.  It could save your life.  www.crowdsav.com 

Also, Cher pointed out that if you are in an emergency situation, if you call 9-1-1 from a cell phone, use 340-772-9111 which is the number for St. Croix.  If you don't, you won't get the help you need!

Please visit Cher's site and help spread the word so we can all have more fun and be safe at the same time!
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St. Croix Vacation

Is your vacation just around the corner or the holidays and you are wondering how you will spend them? If yes, you don’t have to become jittery about it. How about St. Croix? This is a holiday destination in the US Virgin Islands, on the popular Caribbean Sea. Does it sound enticing? Guess, what, we are only starting. Here we shall provide you with an outlay of a three day vacation package in St Croix.

The island is 28 by 7 miles and popularly and affectionately referred to as the “Sleeping Virgin” because the majority of tourists who visit the other two of Virgin Island – St. Thomas and St. John – have not yet discovered the pleasantries, tranquility, and charm of the island.

The first intriguing aspect of the island is the culture of the locals; it is a combination of the Spanish, the British, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, and the USA. The culture of these people is not only perplexing but also unique in its arts, music, and crafts. St. Croix provides breath taking sceneries among them parks and beaches, world-class recreational activities, casinos, exquisite dining outlets, and amazing leisure gaming e.g. golf on its manicured courses.

To experience the essence of leisure in its true definition, you simply have to visit St Croix Island. To give you an idea of what St. Croix can offer, here is a three day vacation in the island.

There are several travel agencies that will organize your traveling to the island in comfort and convenience. Moreover, you can book online and fly with one of the many airlines operating in the island. What’s more, you get to fly according to your budget!

For accommodations, St. Croix hotels and resorts are some of the finest and most exquisite accommodation services in the Caribbean. To ensure maximum satisfaction and enjoyment of their customers, hotels and restaurants in St. Croix specialize in luxury services and provision of amenities with an intimate touch. Accommodation packages on offer are customized to suit and preferences of the individual visitor. As a result of the nature of services on offer, the majority of hotels and restaurants have less than 200 rooms comprising of full-services island resort packages or a small cozy bed and breakfast for the on-budget customers. Accommodation services in St. Croix include casino resort, small hotels, historic inns, cottages, apartments, condominiums, guest houses, 18-holes champion’s golf course resorts, and campgrounds for those who prefer to be near nature among other. So, which accommodation would you prefer?

Day events


For the first day in the island, how about exploring the historical and geographical attractions in the island? St. Croix offers a wide variety of unique diversion which is breathtaking and mind boggling. These include the fascinating historical sites as well as pristine beaches and parks. For the morning part of the first day, explore and absorb the Crucian culture of the two largest towns in St. Croix, Frederiksted and Christiansted. In addition, if you are still fatigued because of a long journey, you can enjoy the Caribbean sun on one of the numerous refreshing beaches of St.Croix.

The other event which will come in handy for the morning sessions of the 3-day vacation is land events. There are a number of land events which are delightful and fun to partake in. if you are adventurous, then these is what you might need. St. Croix offers an endless choice of explorations opportunities be it cultural or on the eco-system. Some of the land activities you can sample and are appropriate for the morning session when you are fresh and full of energy include visiting historical sites e.g. Fort Frederik, hiking in the rainforest, and wading in unfrequented tidal pools. To explore these exotic sceneries of the island, you can take an eco-tour, ride on a horseback, or take a safari.


In the afternoon, partake in water activities as you relax or explore the water sceneries available. Mark you, St. Croix is one of the few places where you can dive a wall, a monument , and wreck all in one. The St. Croix wall has been referred to by divers as the “Ultimate Wall”. It runs along the entire of St. Croix’s north shore and drops over 13,000” and vertical is many places. It is topped by the largest living reef in the entire of the Caribbean island therefore, if you have only been in one of or both of the other two islands and think you have seen it all, wait until you visit St. Croix. One of the water sceneries you have to purpose and attend is the Buck Island. Buck Island is one of the three underwater national monuments in the entire of US. St. Croix has a rich menu of water activities, from day excursions to sunset sails; you will get to enjoy the island by sea as you lookout for sea turtles and occasional dolphins.

Moreover, there are a variety of sporting activities which anyone can partake for leisure. Note: US Virgin Island are a home to a number of internationally recognized sporting events. Some of these which you can partake in as an individual or as a group include triathlon, swimming, and sport fishing. Sport fishing is particularly one of the interesting sports that you can participate in on a lazy afternoon as you enjoy the deep troughs and temperate waters. Moreover, if you wish to only bask in the beaches, you can play spectator to the sporting events. Some of the major and internationally recognized events in St. Croix include Coral reef swim, Half Ironman 70.3 triathlon, golden hook challenge, annual fort-to-fort relay, and the virgin island half-marathon.


With such an eventful day, you need to relax and enjoy the allure of the evening into the night. With the many entertainment spots in the island, you are sure to not only relax, but also enjoy. These entertainment spots offer both dining and night entertainment services which are customized for the customer. For example, if you are with your family on the vacation and need family oriented dining and entertainment, then try the Buccaneer Hotel for a family experience.

Other activities

In addition to these above activities, you can also plan for your vacation to be one of the many events that take place in the island. These events are meant to celebrate the culture of the people and it is always a memory to behold. These events are annual or monthly and as the local do say, “Any time you visit St. Croix there is always magic in the air”.

A vacation in St. Croix would not be complete without doing some shopping. It is essential that you buy some items to help maintain the memory or, if you love shopping, then St. Croix won’t let you down. First, it is hard to resist the best duty-free shopping in the Caribbean, you have the opportunity to shop till you drop or/and sent gifts to friends and family. Products like perfume, cameras, crystal, jewelry, and electronics are available at 30-60% lower than the price in USA. St. Croix has great shop in Christiansted Boardwalk, Kings Alley Walk, the PanAmPavilion, Company Street, and Strand Street in Frederiksted.

So, don’t hesitate, grab the next vacation and indulge in St.Croix’s sensual opportunities for the ultimate experience!

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Deep Sea Fishing in St. Croix